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延伸閱讀:http://ladybutterfly.pixnet.net/blog/post/1169929 (莎樂美的故事與傳說)


.:~Lady Butterfly~:.

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  • hiphopdoc
  • Wow-o-Wow! This is fantastic!

    The dancer's attire is fantastic, consisting of 7 veils which can be taken off one after the other!!!!!!!!! Wow-oWow! It's like s strip dance ---- 脫衣 show! Sexy!!!!
  • 恩~這個脫衣秀的舞蹈設計得很精采!

    ladybutterfly 於 2010/07/26 00:07 回覆

  • hiphopdoc
  • Wait ~~~~

    Dear Grace, don't tell me you are going to teach this dance routine next time!!!!!

    Wow-o-Wow again!!! Great!! Cool!!! 舉雙手歡呼! Yes!!
  • 哈哈~讓你會錯意了^.^"


    ladybutterfly 於 2010/07/26 00:08 回覆

  • hiphopdoc
  • What's our next dance?

    Grace, my dear, will you spare me the secret regarding our next dance?
  • 我下一期要教古典風的肚皮舞,很簡單(但基礎功要做好喔~~)

    ladybutterfly 於 2010/07/27 14:10 回覆

  • hiphopdoc
  • See you soon ~~~

    Ok, no problem! I will try my best!

  • 這是一定要的^^

    ladybutterfly 於 2010/08/03 15:17 回覆

  • alex
  • 對不起!上次你叫我去買的鞋子,我忘了呵呵~~~~~哈哈!!!!!!!拍謝啦!!
  • 嘿~沒禮貌~你故意的~

    ladybutterfly 於 2010/08/03 15:19 回覆

  • hiphopdoc
  • See you tomorrow

    Grace, so excited to see you tomorrow? It's been a long time since we last met!
  • 對阿!好久不見~

    ladybutterfly 於 2010/08/19 01:33 回覆